Gentoo is a GNU/Linux distribution that is highly configurable. Detailed here are ebuilds for some software that I have written in the past.

System Maintenance


Over time I've collected various bits of hardware and have with varying degrees of success managed to get them working under Gentoo.


I've written a few ebuilds for various packages over time, nothing fancy, but they're available below.


  • fugue : Haplotype reconstruction in individuals and families.
  • merlin : Powerful parametric and non-parametric linkage analysis software (includes pedstats).
  • plink : Powerful statistical analysis of whole genome association screens (GWAS).
  • qtdt : Quantiative trait association and linkage tests in nuclear families.
  • snphap : Haplotype reconstruction via EM-algorithm.
  • unphased : Haplotype reconstruction, association and linkage testing in populations and families.

Alternatively you can install the genetics set which includes all of the above and a definition of the genetics set for simple emerging.

A bundle of all of these builds is available sci-biology/genetics. Save and extract this to your local overlay (e.g. /usr/local/porage/).

Writing ebuilds



Gentoo Resources

General Linux

Useful Articles

The search engine on the Gentoo Forums is, to put it bluntly, utter crap. Instead use the tailored Google Search box below to search the forums.

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