When I was younger (before the internet/web was widely available to non-technical parents) I read a lot of books and really enjoyed reading. I still enjoy reading but find I've less time these days to sit down and spend time on longer prose (no real excuse, I'm just busy climbing, tinkering with computers or worse still actually working).



The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins

The book that properly got me interested in science, and in particular evolutionary biology. An excellent synthesis of neo-Darwinism where the unit of selection the evolution acts on is the gene.

The Genetical Theory of Evolution by R.A. Fisher



Lila : An Inquiry into Morals by Robert Pirsig

Found this tough going, seemingly irreverent discourses into anthropology, native-American societies/philosophy and the Quality of Meta-Physics seemed to get in the way of telling the story.


The Martian by Andy Weir

To Read

A list of books I might buy and read one day.

Try and avoid Amazon when buying your books, their aggressive pricing leaves little profit for publishers/authors. If you're in the UK you can use to compare prices across several places (NB The Book Depository is actually owned by Amazon).

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