Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a budget computer that can be coerced into doing all manner of things.

Home Streaming

I've used a couple of Raspberry Pi's to make a home audio streaming system. This is a lot cheaper than buying pre-bundled hardware and provides much greater flexibility. I've tried a few different distributions to do this but settled on a fairly plain Archlinux install and then installing and configuring the software I wanted. Before hand I tried the following dedicated distributions…


A simple use of Raspberry Pi's is to attach external USB drives and use them for backing up your system. Read how to do that here.


You can use Pihole to turn your Raspberry Pi into a DNS server for your home network that automatically blocks ad serving, massively reducing wasted bandwidth and improving your browsing experience exponentially.

I wanted to get this running under the Moode install I had on my Raspberry Pi2 which took a little tweaking so I documented the process.

Media Server

I've got an external HDD with a load of ripped movies and TV and wanted to make these available to cast/stream to the TV. Here's how I went about this.

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