Welcome to kimura1). This is a personal Wiki that I write to keep notes of the various things I do. Most of its computing related focused around Linux (specifically gentoo) and statistics (specifically r, python and using git for version control of package development) but there is some Climbing stuff here too. I've written up how to use a Raspberry Pi's for synchronised home streaming and various other tasks as well as rooting and flashing Android devices. Ostensibly this is for my own records but maybe others will find bits useful. I occasionally write things up in the blog section of the site, and write-up about books I've read or are going to read under literature.

These days I occasionally blog at ns-rse.

As this is a personal wiki its not open for general editing, but if you think you've got suggestions for improvement on anything I've documented please do get in touch.


Named after the geneticist Motoo Kimura who proposed the Neutral Theory of Molecular Evolution.
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